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The TV Aerial Man

TV Aerial Man TV Aerial Installation - West Yorkshire, Wakefield, Halifax, Pontefract

With over 20 years experience, there’s no other place you should call when looking to purchase a new television aerial, it’s our middle name!

With no call-out charge, we are more than happy to send one of our expert engineers to come out to you for a free one-to-one consultation where you can explain to them exactly what you’d like, and we can do the rest for you. We will offer you a price for getting you all of the work completed, with an estimation of how long it will take, and if you’re happy; we do it for you there and then.

A wide range of services available to suit your every need including new TV aerial installations, digital TV aerial repairs, FM & DAB aerials, no job is too small, from just looking at your freeview and adding an extra TV point, or setting up a newly purchased television, we can still come out give you a signal test to make sure you are going to receive the best possible picture, and set it all up for you. We can even show you how to do it for next time!

Want to find out how little it could cost you to get everything how you want?

Rooftop & Other Outdoor Antennas

TV Aerial Man Radio Installation - West Yorkshire, Wakefield, Halifax, Pontefract

Aerials are attached to roofs in various ways, usually on a pole to elevate it above the roof. This is generally sufficient in most areas. In some places, however, such as a deep valley or near taller structures, the antenna may need to be placed significantly higher, using a  mast. The wire connecting the antenna to indoors is referred to as the downlead and the longer the downlead is, the greater the signal degradation in the wire. Certain cables may help reduce this tendency.

Attic & Loft Installation

TV Aerial Man Radio Installation - West Yorkshire, Wakefield, Halifax, Pontefract

Sometimes it is desired not to put an antenna on the roof; in these cases, antennas designed for outdoor use are often mounted in the attic or loft, although antennas designed for attic use are also available. Putting an antenna indoors significantly decreases its performance due to lower elevation above ground level and intervening walls; however, in strong signal areas reception may be satisfactory. One layer of asphalt, slates, roof felt, and a plywood roof deck is considered to attenuate the signal to about half.

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